Positioned in the the luxury segment of the construction and finishing market for villas and private residences, KANY WORLDWIDE imports and distributes made-in-Italy products throughout the U.S. Through a network of dealers in the main U.S. states and cities, it makes made-in-Italy products visible in the leading U.S. luxury markets, from the East Coast to the West Coast.

 KANY WORLDWIDE has its own exhibition spaces where the most prominent architects have an opportunity to see first-hand made-in-Italy products and avail themeslves of the advice of expert staff with deep knowledge of made-in- Italy products.

Everything you need to design a made in Italy world in the USA!

Building Materials : Tiles, floors, resins, marble, bathroom fixtures. Supply of the leading made-in-Italy brands.

Windows & Doors: supply and installation of wood, wood / aluminum, wood / bronze and aluminum windows and doors for villas and luxury buildings. Construction-site assistance from execution to after-sales.

Furniture: supply of made-in-Italy furniture and kitchens through a network leading luxury market brands.